A Crabber's Wife
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A Crabber's Wife is a quest available in the mod Interesting NPCs.


  1. Overhear conversation
  2. Return to Juryk
  3. Speak to Grotta
  4. Speak to Juryk


After having spoken to Juryk, the Dragonborn can overhear two patrons at the Winking Skeever talking about having seen a man that looked just like High King Torygg, as well as a soldier called Klarke. They also mention the latter's wife and child.

Upon returning to Juryk, he will now provide slightly more information of his past. He tells that he used to have a wife and child. As the Dragonborn goes back to Solitude, they can now encounter Grotta and Ulrund at the temple of the Divines.

They indeed are his wife and son, and she tells the Dragonborn then that she has no interest in returning to her former life, even if this crabber is indeed her husband Klarke. She then leaves her wedding ring behind and leaves with her new husband, Gormleif.

As indeed indicated, Juryk does not seem interested in the wedding ring. After this, the quest has been completed and will unlock a new crabber's song for Juryk.

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