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A Good Fit is a quest that is added by the mod Interesting NPCs. It initiates automatically upon completion of the previous quest, Tailor Made, in the event the Tailor has not been killed.


  1. Clear out Crystaldrift Cave
  2. Return to the Tailor
  3. Make the decision for Skjel


The Dragonborn has to clear out Crystaldrift Cave, killing all necromancers. When this is completed, Skjel will start glowing purple. Then, the two have to return to the Tailor in the House of Garments. He is nowhere to be found, however.

When looking around, the Tailor can be found dead, leaving behind the 'outfit' (the body) for Skjel. Now the final decision has to be made whether or not Skjel will take the body as his own, a choice he himself won't make. Once the decision is made, the quest will complete.

If the choice of taking up the outfit has been made, Skjel will now live as the owner of the House of Garments, and the Dragonborn will receive a Jester's outfit (clothes, boots and hat). The skeleton will die, but body will live again and become a merchant from now on.

However, if the other choice has been made, the reward will be far less satisfying, being a merchant's outfit (hat, boots and clothes) and the corpse will become a strange and scary mannequin.

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