A Special Kind of Berry
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A Special Kind of Berry is a side quest in Falskaar.


  1. Search Pinecastle Grove for Svengarberries.
  2. Find clues as to where the berries were taken.
  3. Find the berries along the coast.
  4. Take the Svengarberries back to Freya.


Talk to Freya to start the quest.

Head to Pinecastle Grove, east of Amber Creek and across the river. It is a cave facing a small lake. Upon entering Pinecastle Grove's cave, follow the tunnel. Pinecastle Grove is infested with bandits. There will be clues where the berries have been taken that lead to the location of the Svengarberries. The berries can be found along side the coast at a camp with a small bandit cabin. They are in a chest outside the cabin. Bandits show up after you take the berries from the chest.

When the Svengarberries have been found, the quest will update and tell the Dragonborn /Traveler to return to Freya and collect their reward.

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