A Spell for Rumarin
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Quest Information
Have at least one quest-based conversation with Rumarin
Started Forgotten Lore
Started Mages Guild questline
Be at an inn
Given by
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A Spell for Rumarin is a quest added by the mod Interesting NPCs.

Objectives Edit

  1. Go to the Arcanaeum
  2. Visit each mage
  3. Hit Rumarin with a spell

Walkthrough Edit

If all requirements have been fulfilled, the Dragonborn can ask Rumarin whether he wants to discuss something while they're relaxing, he will inquire whether their opinion on Olivia Meronin's unorthodox method of studying and if it may apply to him. He then proceeds to ask to be taken to the Arcanaeum to examin texts and find something suitable he can learn from.

There are no books he can learn from, however, as the only remotely comprehensible one is a children's book. He asks the librarian, Urag gro-Shub, if he can recommend anything more suitable for him, but is blatantly dismissed. Disappointed in the college, Rumarin then returns to the Dragonborn and asks if they know any unorthodox mages that may be able to help him in his quest for knowledge.

Three mages can be advised in any order: Mugnor, Dagri'lon and Valgus.

Dagri'lon, one of the mages that can be suggested, can be found in the Ratway, Riften's sewers. He will immediately refuse to teach Rumarin, as someone that cannot understand tomes is too stupid to deserve its knowledge altogether. The Dragonborn can then offer Rumarin as a lifelong servant to Dagri'lon, but he'll refuse, stating that he wouldn't even be worth using as target practise.

After suggesting Mugnor, Rumarin and the Dragonborn go visit her. Initially she thinks he is supposed to become her assistant, but Rumarin explains that he wants to learn. She agrees, on condition that she can change his brain for a rodent-powered machine. He agrees, until she explains what kind of machine she's going to use.

When Valgus has been suggested, the duo has to find him while he's going on his healing rounds between imperial encampments. He isn't of any use to Rumarin either, however, as he just encourages the studying of spell tomes. Valgus apologizes for not being of much help and the two have to find another solution to Rumarin's problem.

Eventually, none of the three mages suit Rumarin's needs. Upon asking him whether he has an idea of another method to learn a new spell, he'll remember his old tutor, Otero, who once advised him to rely on his survival instinct. Rumarin then will ask the Dragonborn to hit him with a spell.

If the Dragonborn then proceeds to hit Rumarin, either with a spell or any other way, he'll first wince, but then he'll be rejoiced and explain that a small ward has formed itself. He rewards the Dragonborn with 200 gold and decides never to learn that way again.

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