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The Abandoned House is a location added by Castle Volkihar Redux. It is a fledgling vampire starter home available in Windhelm.


The abandoned house is located in Windhelm's Valunstrad quarter next door to Hjerim. This safehouse becomes available after completing the CVR quest Just the Bare Necessities of Life but this quest does not start until the Dragonborn opens up the housing area of Windhelm by completing the quest Blood on the Ice.


This vampire safehouse was added for the sole purpose of giving a fledgling vampire a safe and easy way to sleep by day and prowl the city of Windhelm for victims at night. The abandoned house has all the bare necessities a new vampire could need, hence the name of the quest that leads the Dragonborn to it.

Although there is already a purchasable house just next door (Hjerim), the Abandoned House is added because Hjerim is amongst the hardest houses to obtain in Skyrim due to the long chain of quests that must be completed to obtain it.

This safehouse was not designed to take the place of Hjerim, but just to give a temporary starter home until it could be acquired.



  • Although Skyrim has an external version of this house, it did not have an actual interior or functioning entry door.


  • One might need to exit and enter Windhelm once again after completing the quest Blood on the Ice for the quest Bare Necessities of Life to initiate

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