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Ahkrinviing is a dragon found on Falskaar.

Background Edit

600 years ago, Falskaar was a snowy tundra, uninhabitable and the people who travelled there died as a result. At some point, the leader of the group — Olav Borvaldur — spoke to an avatar of Shor called Ahkrinviing. After speaking with Olav, Ahkrinviing cut out his heart and gave it to Olav, who used it to transform the southern end of Falskaar into a beautiful area, ripe with vegetation and trees.

Since that time, Ahkrinviing was never seen again and faded into legend. However, during the events of the main quest, a silhouette version of Ahkrinviing appears just after Yngvarr is about to obtain the legendary Heart of the Gods and killed him to prevent him using it.

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