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Alberthor is a character added by Wyrmstooth. He is an old Breton wizard currently taking up residence in Wyrmstooth Barrow and will speak to the Dragonborn upon entering the next room after opening the first gate. The Dragonborn will need to speak to him to open the second gate which is accomplished by letting him cast a spell on them that transfers their mind across to a draugr he has prepared.

Alberthor will again meet up with the Dragonborn after they have defeated the boss draugr in the crypts and will suggest a way into Dimfrost. Once the Dragonborn jumps down the shaft and lands in the lake among the Dwemer ruins, Alberthor will possess a Falmer nearby in order to journey with them. As the Dragonborn approaches the Dwemer citadel in Dimfrost, Alberthor will undo his spell.


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