Alchemist's Note
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Alchemist's Note is a note added by Undeath. It can be found on a table next to various Empty Vials during the quest Infernal Alchemy. It describes what ingredients are required to create Namira's Corrosion and the Embalming Essence.

Contents Edit

He must be completely insane. Most of these ingredients would kill someone outright, but to combine them? He doesn't truly intend to drink this himself does he?

Nevertheless, we've made the preparations to the Cauldron site, and I've ascertained several of the ingredients he desired from those cryptic formulae he provided... I'll synthesize these elixirs with the components he's requested as follows:

For the first Elixir, he has so aptly named 'Namira's Corrosion':

- Fungi touched by the Lady of Decay
- Human skull, stripped to the bone
- Potent bloom from the swamps of Hjaalmarch

And for the second, the 'Embalming Essence':

- Extracted human heart
- Blood tainted herbs
- Petal of the Poisoner's flower

It will be remarkably insightful to witness the results of these Elixirs, even if it does kill him. We'll see soon enough just how much he believes in their power himself...

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