An Army of Greed
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An Army of Greed is a quest in Falskaar. Agnar wants your assistance to find out what Yngvarr Unnvaldr is doing.

Objectives Edit

  1. Question Brother Thorlogh
  2. Report to Agnar
  3. Free the captives
  4. Talk to Henrik
  5. Search Hjalmar Armory for clues
  6. Return to Agnar
  7. Speak to Ulgar or Svegard
  8. Return to Agnar

Walkthrough Edit

This quest triggers after informing Agnar about the information learned from Mecaius.

Agnar wants to enlist the help of the priors at Bailun Priory. Head there and question the named prior, Brother Thorlogh. Thorlogh won't help unless they're directly attacked and they don't anything about why Yngvarr is swarming Falskaar with bandits. With this journey proving fruitless, head back to Agnar in Amber Creek to report what was learnt. He will be most displeased with Thorlogh, but will assign a new task to free the docks from bandit control.

To reach the docks, the Dragonborn/Traveler must follow the path to Borvald, before turning right to the docks. Going anywhere near the docks will start the concurrent quest Rough Waters. Deal with all the bandits, then free the townspeople from captivity. Speak to Henrik and he'll say that the bandits were staying at an abandoned armory to the north and marks it on the map.

Travel back along the path towards Borvald and the Dragonborn will discover the armory is swarming with bandits. The path through the armory is fairly straight forward, but watch out for the tight corridors as they can easily land the Dragonborn/Traveler in a sticky situation. Enter the Store Rooms and fight through more bandits.

In the end room, a note with Orders indicate that Yngvarr's lieutenant, Kolgrim, sent the bandits to the docks to find something and cut trade from Skyrim off. With this important information, loot the nearby chests and exit through the barred door to the right. Head back to Agnar and report the information, who'll then direct the Dragonborn/Traveler to the Hjorgunnar Cabin, a small hut to the north of the settlement, where the remaining two brothers of the Hjorgunnar family remain. Head there and inform one of the brothers that they are to resume their posts as housecarl's to Agnar.

Return back to Amber Creek to find Yngvarr demanding that he search the town for something. Agnar manages to get rid of Yngvarr just as Ulgar and Svegard enter the town. During the discussion, Brother Thorlogh walks in, saying that Yngvarr attacked the priory and killed a fellow prior. The quest ends after Agnar arrives at the conclusion that Borvald is in danger.

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