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Anna NPCs is a project to add richly-developed characters with backstories. The mod's main feature is 6 custom-voiced special followers (a 7th one upcoming) with highly enhanced AI, including riding, sandboxing, set home, original lore-friendly songs, party banter, and much more. The mod also features other custom-voiced NPCs, new unique taverns, foods and spells.


  • Darion Fleetfoot: Altmer-Nord, ex-pirate rogue, custom-textured armor
  • Elyndra: Altmer Knight, warrior
  • Nadina Fire-Heart: Redguard, brash young warrior
  • Mareen (upcoming): Bosmer thief
  • Teryn Meru: Dunmer spellcaster extraordinaire
  • Valyen: Bosmer-Nord hunter and mage
  • Zorya: Nord gypsy

Enhanced AI FeaturesEdit

  • Riding
  • Set Home
  • Sandboxing
  • Carry Bag
  • Party Banter
  • Simple wardrobe management (highly detailed one upcoming)

New Bard SongsEdit

  • Fall of the Snow Elves
  • The Virtunous Thief
  • Skies of Skyrim
  • A Glass of Golden Mead
  • Shadows
  • Starlight Chant
  • The Sea Hawk
  • Port Telvannis Shanty
  • Weary Traveler (upcoming)