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This article is on the first volume in the series. If you are looking for the article on another volume, see Antioch's Journal.
Antioch's Journal, Volume 1
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Antioch's Journal, Volume 1 is a journal added by Undeath.

Acquisition Edit

The journal is found as part of the introductory quest In Their Footsteps within Ravenscorn Spire and is found at the top of the tower.

Contents Edit

Entry one:
The Tome of Unlife has resurfaced, after two hundred years, and in the hands of those imbeciles at the College of Whispers no less. They cannot even conceive of its power, and instead they will use it in their ridiculous bickering crusades among themselves, and the Synod. It is the piece of the puzzle I have searched for all these years, and I will not let their petty politicking stand in the way of my glorious destiny.

Entry two:
It was almost too easy manipulate the Synod's hatred of the College. Those idiotic Stendarr worshipers have already been informed of the Colege's 'heretical acquisition'. They will surrender the artifact, or risk losing face with the Elder Council for their questionable practices.

Entry three:
As expected, the College of Whispers was not long in giving up the Tom to the Vigil of Stendarr. The fools believe the book can be so easily destroyed by their 'cleansings'. They truly have no idea! I must watch and wait, for the moment to seize it will come soon, I am sure of it.

Entry four:
It has come to my attention that the Vigil of Stendarr will be moving the Tome by guarded escort to Skyrim. I can only expect that they are seeking the assistance and knowledge of the Neutral College of Winterhold in dealing with the book. The Vigil are ignorant, superstitious fools, but I fear that with the Winterhold's assistance they may actually succeed.

I had feared it may come to this. We must strike quickly before they reach Winterhold, or the Tom and it's secrets may be lost forever. They will not be long in passing the border. We will strike without warning, and without mercy.

Entry five:
At last, the Tome of Unlife is within my grasp! We have rallied at this desolated tower to the east of Skyrim, far enough that any survivors of the Vigil will not come looking. It is by no means an ideal place of study, but I must make do while I decipher the Tome's secrets.

The correlations between the Tome and Celedaen's writings are very promising, yet still the missing secret eludes me. What revelations could Celedean's 'sovereign' possibly have revealed? The Tome provided fascinating insights into the process that I have sought for so long, but it does not seem to be enough.

Something is missing.

I will retreat to the seclusion of the tower's lower depths where I may study its runes in peace.

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