Archer's Armory
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Archer's Armory adds a variety of bows to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, as well as changes some statistics of already existing bows from the vanilla game.


List of weapons and their statsEdit

Vanilla bows are normal font type, new bows are in italics.

Name Damage Category
Long Bow 5 Wood
Greenheart Bow 6 Wood
Bandit Bow 7 Wood
Hunting Bow 7 Iron
Mammoth Tusk Bow 8 Iron
Ancient Nord Bow 8 Draugr
Imperial Bow 9 Imperial
Steel Bow 9 Steel
Oakwood Bow 10 Wood
Orcish Bow 10 Orcish
Volenfell Bow 11 Steel
Nord Hero Bow 11 Draugr
Ornate Bow 11 Wood
Forsworn Bow 12 Not craftable
Falmer Bow 12 Not craftable
Dwarven Bow 12 Dwarven
Gold Bow 12 Gold
Huntsman (Stage 1) 13 Wood/Steel
Elven Bow 13 Elven
Nordic Bow 13 Draugr
Silver Bow 14 Silver
Ashwood Bow 14 Wood
Huntsman (Stage 2) 14 Wood/Steel
Supple Ancient Bow 14 Not craftable
Supple Falmer Bow 15 Not craftable
Glass Bow 15 Glass
Huntsman (Stage 3) 15 Wood/Steel
Akaviri Bow 16 Wood
Ayleid Bow 16 Glass
Ebony Bow 17 Ebony
Stalhrim Bow 17 Ebony
Daedric Bow 19 Daedric
Dragonbone Bow 20 Dragonbone


  • Compatible with most mods
  • Compatible version with Immersive Weapons available on Nexus