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This article is on the quest. If you are looking for the article on the book of the same name, see Arkay The Enemy.
Arkay The Enemy
Temple of Arkay
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Arkay The Enemy is a quest in Undeath. It is one of three quests given after completing In Their Footsteps and requires the Dragonborn to locate a Temple of Arkay

Background Edit

"The Necromancer's leader, Antioch, is seeking to use a Tome stolen from the Vigil of Stendarr to become an undead Lich. He has already departed for the Dragontail Mountains in search of something, but has sent some of his followers to destroy a Temple of Arkay in Falkreath hold and take the Heart of one of its Priests. I should hurry there and stop them."
―the Dragonborn's Journal

Objectives Edit

  1. Locate the Temple of Arkay
  2. Clear out the Necromancers from the Temple of Arkay
  3. Free the captive Priest of Arkay OR
  4. Slaughter the captive Priest of Arkay and take his heart.

Walkthrough Edit

This quest begins immediately after reading Antioch's Journal, Volume 2 in Ravenscorn Spire.

The Temple of Arkay can be found within Falkreath Hold, south of Lake Ilinalta. If North Shriekwind Bastion has been discovered previously, this can act as a useful fast travel location: otherwise, Falkreath or another nearby location can be used. When the temple is discovered, the Dragonborn will be required to clear out the Necromaners within, who are all level-dependent: Gundar can be found here controlling the group of Necromancers, as well as keeping a Priest of Arkay hostage.

Kill all of the necromancers, before another choice must be made: the Dragonborn can choose to save the priest or kill him. If the priest was killed, loot his body for the heart. Regardless of the choice made, the quest will end upon the death or rescue of the priest.

Trivia Edit

  • If the Dragonborn saves the Priest and does not kill him, the main quest will halt after the completion of a later quest, thus effectively ending all chances of the Dragonborn becoming a lich.

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