Aurits and Rurits Inn is a secret lair and vampire safehouse added by Castle Volkihar Redux.


Hidden in the far northwest reaches of Skyrim, this safehouse is located due west of Northwatch Keep, just a few steps south of the most north western camp site in all of Skyrim. It is a two minute horse ride from Icewater Jetty.


Presently known as the Aurits and Rurits Inn, it is similar to any other inn or tavern located in Skyrim, except that it is exclusively for vampires.

It also serves as the Volkihar Coven Authority Headquarters, which will be related to a new questline scheduled to be added at a later date. 

At present, this safehouse only offers two amenities: a rentable coffin for one night and a chest for storage. Other utilities will become available in future updates to Castle Volkihar Redux. This lair does not have a fast travel map marker associated to it even after it has been discovered.

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