Bailun Priory is a location in Falskaar. The priory is run by Brother Thorlogh and Brother Arnand.

Background Edit

When Olav Borvaldur and his party arrived in Falskaar 600 years ago, a group of wizards were charged with overseeing the Key of Wisdom within Kalrun Monastery. Some time later, they retired and became simple monks, who had no interest in war.

In the years that followed, another monk became aware of the Dream Crystals and started delving into the depths of necromancy. His actions grew suspicion with Thorlogh and Arnand, before he was eventually told to leave the priory by Arnand.

Related QuestsEdit

An Army of GreedEdit

For the quest An Army of Greed, the quest Welcome to Falskaar has to be finished. After assisting Olvir, the Dragonborn is sent to Jarl Agnar, the current Jarl of Amber Hold. There, the Dragonborn is sent to question Thorlogh at Bailun Priory. The journey proves fruitless as the monks there will not involve themselves in another war.

Some time later, Yngvarr Unnvaldr attacks the priory, demanding to know the location of an object. When the monks refused, he killed two and searched the place. Thorlogh escaped to Amber Creek to fight against Yngvarr in the upcoming war, with Arnand staying at the priory.


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