Bandolier - Bags and pouches
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Bandoliers - Bags and pouches was created by Dragten to add bags and pouches that can be worn on top of armor or other apparel. Those bags and pouches not only have an aesthetic value, they also increase the Dragonborn's carrying capacity. They can also be given to followers, many of whom will equip them. There are many types that can be made and seven places they can be worn: right and left side, right and left front, right and left rear and over one shoulder.

The bags and pouches are crafted at a tanning rack and require leather, leather strips and for some, a new item: assorted buckles. The buckles are made using a steel ingot at a forge.

This mod is very useful when playing with certain mods such as Frostfall or Hunterborn, given carrying capacity is vital there.