Book of Molag Bal Worship
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Book of Molag Bal Worship is a book added by Castle Volkihar Redux.


It can be found in Valerica's Tower, on the desk in the temple of Molag Bal.


All initiate worshippers of Molag Bal will have their voices removed either through surgery or magical practice.

Robes of silken black are the true sign of a Molag Bal patron. You are to always dawn these robes and nothing else until you are brought to the gates in the Plane of Molag Bal to be judged upon your death.

Some that are judged and brought forth to be held in the highest regard by Molag will become Minions and will be cast back to the earth to do his bidding and to bring more initiates into the fold.

Raily prayers and sacrifice must be performed every waking moment if you are to be judged worthy on your day of reckoning. Should you choose to fill our ranks it would be advised that you purge your mind of all other thought other than that of serving Molag Bal.

Molag Bal created Vampirism, and we shall support his creations to and until death. Gather up the food stuffs these creatures crave! Supply them with fresh thralls so that they may exist well and bring forth death and suffering as Molag Bal wishes.

Support them in their lair, in the wilderness and in their journeys. Provide them with proper sleeping shelter and passage through daylight.

These are your duties and oath binding pledges. To break these would be to suffer eternity at the hands of those who are worthy.

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