Bosmer Elder Armor

Bosmer Engraved - Male

Bosmer Engraved - Female

Armor Information
Item ID
Item ID
Item ID
xx005E5D (helmet)
xx002DDB (hooded helm)
xx002DDC (hood)
Item ID

The Bosmer Elder Armor is an armor set added by the Bosmer Armor Pack, as well as by the mod Immersive Armors. In the latter it has been renamed to 'Bosmer Engraved Armor', however, and the weapons are not included.

This armor set comes with fitting weaponry as well:

  • Bosmer Elder Arrow: id=xx009A0D
  • Bosmer Elder Short Blade: id=xx0089C2
  • Bosmer Elder Bow: id=xx00948A


The armor set can be forged under the Elven category, as long as the Glass Smithing perk has been acquired. The armor stats also resemble the Glass Armor statistics. In the Immersive Armors mod, it requires the glass smithing perk to be forged.

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