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A few secret areas and passages are added by Castle Volkihar Redux.


Secret passage locations:

  • Gargoyle King's Lair (secret passage to the Undercroft). This passage is extremely hard to find because it is a brick wall that blends in very well. One muse first complete the quest It's Good to be King, re-acquire the key from the final part of that quest and use it on the secret wall door to enter the Undercroft. Both secret walls require this key
  • Master Throne Wing (secret passage from the foyer to the throne). This secret passage is extremely hard to find because it is a brick wall that blends very well. One must "use" it as they would any door in Skyrim to get it to open. It is located between the Throne Room and the small foyer above the Study
  • Master Throne Wing's secret cabinet (found during the quest Releasing the Coven ) opens a passage from the Throne Room to the Catacombs
  • Master Throne Wing's Master Sleeping Quarters (secret closet and secret bedroom)
  • Secret Cave (a one way secret passage to the Volkihar Docks). Found on the upper level of the Secret Cave. One must go through a very large stone double door after going through some shallow water in the furthest reaches of the cave systems
  • Volkihar Courtyard (a secret hatch to the Secret Cave). In the far north-west corner of the courtyard, just north of a small pond, one can find a an old hatch obscured by foliage such as ferns and nightshade
  • Volkihar Keep (a one way secret passage to the Undercroft). Inside the farthest part of the vampire cattle dungeon's caves one will find a very large storm drain. It can be used like any other door in Skyrim.

HINT: Many portcullis doors found around the castle have a lever on one side but a disguised torch lever that opens the it on the other.


What vampire castle or lair would be complete without some secret passages. There are four secret passages in the castle and one in a lair. Most can be found after awakening and following Nearly Headless Nick.

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