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Captain Wheeler is an NPC added by Castle Volkihar Redux. His purpose is to bring a monthly income to the castle and to be a point of distribution for potions of blood. He is both a vendor and can be commanded to follow the Dragonborn as a companion.


Captain Wheeler has a diverse patrol path. The pathing depends on what stage of the quest Port of Call is on and what day of the week it is. 

Prior to Port of Call being finished he will stay on the Volkihar Docks ship sitting on some crates. Once Port of Call is finished he will hang out in his vendor booth on the Volkihar Docks. Then he will traverse to all the destinations the ship's helm provides. Once on these ships at other locations he will wait six to seven days before moving on to the next port.

When a month has passed and he has collected $5,550 in gold from his sales, he will come back to the Volkihar Docks booth and wait for one week standing in his vendor booth.

He loiters on ships in the following ports or jetties:

The best way to find him is to use the ship helms and travel to each ship until he is located.


Captain Wheeler becomes available after the Dragonborn completes the CVR quest Releasing the Coven. Once completed, he will begin selling Volkihar real blood across Skyrim, which yields a monthly income of 5,500 gold.

Captain Wheeler will travel to the Dawnstar and Winterhold jetties and the Solitude and Windhelm docks to set up shop as an undercover vampire vendor. In the story, he will sell a new line of bottled human blood called Volkihar Real Blood, but they are really just potions of blood.

When the captain returns to the Volkihar Docks each month, the Dragonborn must remember to ask him for the monthly income or Captain wheeler will keep that months profits. The Dragonborn must choose the dialogue option related to collecting his money to get paid. If the dialogue option isn't available it means he hasn't collected the money yet.

Trivia Edit

  • Captain Wheeler is a cookie from a (supposedly true) vampire story named Ship of the Dead.

Bugs Edit

  • Captain Wheeler may not travel to the other ship destinations and will just stay in his booth on the Volkihar Docks.

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