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Conjure Vampiric Horse
CVR Entrance Stables
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Spell Tome

Conjure Vampiric Horse is a conjured, rideable companion. The spell is learned from a spell tome added by Castle Volkihar Redux


The spell tome can be found inside a satchel hanging on the left post of a single wide horse stall in the southwest part of the Volkihar Island exterior. The stable is near the start of a pier going to the shipyard outside the Volkihar Secret Cave.


Unlike normal Skyrim horses which will stay put when dismounted, the conjured version of the horse will follow the Dragonborn because it is considered a companion. After dismounting and twenty seconds have gone by the horse will disappear. A re-summon will be necessary to bring the horse back.

This conjured version of Shadow is extremely fast, about five times faster than a normal horse. His saddle is adorned with the Castle Volkihar Redux logo. The logo is of three castle towers with a half circle around it colored in blood red ink. Other than his speed and immortality he is a normal Skyrim Horse.

A world version of this horse is also added by Castle Volkihar Redux known as Shadow.

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