Convenient Horse Herding
Convenient Horse Herding
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Convenient Horse Herding is a mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It was created to make horses more manageable as well as giving them names and to have the ability to bring all horses to one and the same location. The author has also created Convenient Horses, a mod that used to have this one integrated. However, they have been separated due to the requirements.

Note that upon (re-)installing the mod, all horses' names will be reset.


  • Manage a herd of up to 30 horses
  • Rename owned horses in the herd
  • Place the camp anywhere
  • Map marker of where the herding flag has been put down
  • Have all horses travel with the Dragonborn
  • Horses are automatically named (except unique horses with name)
  • Purchase guardian dogs (maximum 3) to protect the herd