Dawn of Windhelm
Dawn of Windhelm
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Dawn of Windhelm is part of a series of city overhauls for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim created by BluePianoTwo, and in this case it greatly improves the visual experience of Windhelm. The other two mods in the serie are Dawn of Riften and Dawn of Whiterun.



Palace of the Kings courtyard


Windhelm sky with RealVision ENB and Climates of Tamriel

  • Overhaul of the Gray Quarter with market, shrines, Morrowind lighting and flora and other details
  • Added Ysgramor statue to the front gate, given the city was founded by him
  • Slight touches to Candlehearth Hall
  • Stormcloak recruitment desk
  • Courtyard of Palace of Kings improved to make it more impressive
  • Statue of Talos near Hjerim
  • Minor details all around the city, including flora, snow, banners and crates and barrels, as well as removing dead shrubs and other dirt
  • Hiding the striped wall near Hjerim



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