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Dexternus is a follow ready vampire companion added by Castle Volkihar Redux. He captures and guards vampire cattle and creates blood potions. He is also a key player in the quest Port of Call.


Dexternus Torture Chamber

Dexternus finishing his work

Dexternus has two locations. His patrol path depends on what quests have been completed. The first time he is encountered he is found on the top floor of Valerica's Tower inside the torture chamber during the quest Port of Call. After Port of Call is completed his final patrol changes to the Master Throne Wing's vampire cattle dungeon inside the catacombs.


Beside being the the castle torturer, Dexternus is an expert at working with human blood, so he was the natural choice for helping to create Volkihar Real Blood which is the product that provides a new income for the Volkihar clan. It is exctracted from vampire cattle and packaged by Dexternus. It is then distributed and sold throughout Skyrim by Captain Wheeler.


With all the new vampires being added to the Volkihar clan, vampire cattle were in short supply. Putting together hunting parties and venturing out into populated areas was becoming increasingly risky. Above all other things vampires cannot risk being discovered. Many meetings have taken place regarding this issue until a solution recently presented itself. That solution was Dexternus who was a serial killer in his human life. Dexternus was originally observed by the vampires when they were out hunting human's as prey. The hunting party of vampires stumbled upon him by accident and after following him became intrigued by his uncanny and methodical ability to capture and detain victims without detection.

Because he was someone who already had acutely refined skills hunting human's, he was an obvious candidate to be invited to be given the dark gift and to join the Volkihar Clan. His payment for immortality is rounding up plenty of vampire cattle for the clan.

Dexternus would later prove to be the best at vampire cattle procurement that ever existed. He has also had an incredible knack for bottling potions of blood. This talent would later be tapped to make said potions for the new Volkihar Real Blood brand.


  • Dexternus is a cookie from the tv series Dexter.

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