Draugr Castle Guards
CVR Draugr Castle Guards
Character Information
Technical Information
Form ID
xx094EA5 (Draugr)
xx4BD9B1 (Valerica's Portal Sentry - Boneman)
xxQABB57 (Elite Volkihar Castle Guard)
xx12BA27 (Castle Volkihar Guard - Mistman)
Voice Actors
No Voice Actors given

Draugr Castle Guards are a group of companion followers added by Castle Volkihar Redux. Twenty nine of these guards have patrol paths all over the castle.


External PatrolsEdit

  • Three draugr guards patrol the Volkihar docks
  • Two stand ready at the main front door
  • One patrols back and forth from the overlook tower to the small nearby pier

Internal PatrolsEdit


Once controlled by Harkon, the castle guards now serve the Dragonborn. Draugr guards will automatically begin to patrol the entire island inside and out once the quest Kindred Judgement has been completed and the Dragonborn is in possession of Castle Volkihar. All guards are follow ready companions and will initiate defense of the Dragonborn and respective property once a threat is detected.

Additional draugr guards can be created and automatically deployed in the catacombs during the quest Fortify Volkihar.


Each draugr guard is equipped with a Honed Ancient Nord Sword, a Honed Ancient Nord Greatsword, Supple Ancient Nord Bow and an Iron Shield of Major Blocking. Depending on their assigned fighting style determines which weapon they will use. Most are one handed with shield.


  • One Draugr guard outside the front external portcullis that leads to the Guild Hall of Castle Volkihar will sometimes move into a wall and cannot settle to his destination there. There is no fix for this.

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