Dread Aura
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Dread Aura is a side quest in Falskaar. It is one of the four side quests relating to Dreams in Oblivion.

Objectives Edit

  1. Find the source of the dreadful aura
  2. Clear the Riverwatch Hot Springs of necromancers
  3. Return to Klara

Walkthrough Edit

This quest can be started by talking to Klara in the Amber Mead Inn within Amber Creek through dialogue options. Depending on character level, this quest may be very hard, due to the amount of high level necromancers within the hot springs.

The Riverwatch Hot Springs are on the west of Amber Hold: they can be easily seen as the misty area where the river that flows through Falskaar begins. On the north side of the river is the well hidden cavern where the necromancers are located.

Upon entering, the corpse of a Nord can be found with nothing useful. Head forward and take out the necromancers. There is a hidden chest to the right of the waterfall. Heading through the cave into some Dwemer ruins, another necromancer can be found here. Upon following the path down another large wave of high level necromancers will be encountered.

Once they are all defeated, the chest can be looted in which a scribbled note is put. A lever above the chest will open a secret area with one of the crystal shards. After that, exit the cavern and return to Klara, who will thank the Dragonborn /Traveler and provide a leveled reward.

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