Druid Conjuration
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Druid Conjuration is a mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that aims to make the School of Conjuration more worthwhile and fun, by conjuring wild creatures to fight at your side. Balanced and integrated into the Conjuration Perk Tree.


Novice SpellsEdit

  • Conjure Deer 
  • Conjure Elk (Female & Male)
  • Conjure Fox & Arctic Fox 
  • Conjure Hare
  • Conjure Skeever 
  • Conjure Wolf (Black & Red)

Apprentice SpellsEdit

  • Conjure Bear & Cave Bear 
  • Conjure Fostbite Spider
  • Conjure Spriggan
  • Conjure Troll
  • Conjure Ice Wolf
  • Conjure Painted Cow

Adept SpellsEdit

  • Conjure Snow Bear 
  • Conjure Hagraven
  • Conjure Sabre Cat
  • Conjure Spriggan Matron
  • Conjure Frost Troll

Expert SpellsEdit

  • Conjure Ice Wraith 
  • Conjure Snowy Sabre Cat
  • Conjure Wispmother
  • Conjure White Stag

Master SpellsEdit

  • Conjure Fire Dragon (you must be in a space big enough for the Dragon)
  • Conjure Frost Dragon (you must be in a space big enough for the Dragon)

Location: Eldergleam SanctuaryEdit

  • Buy from Gathriel, merchant and Master Conjuration Trainer
  • Secret chest (look for it)


  • Spell Merchant
  • Spell Merchant
  • Summoning Frost Troll
  • Summoning Spriggan Matron
  • Summoning Hagraven
  • Summoning Wispmother