Dwemertech - Magic of the Dwarves
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Enai Siaion
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Dwemertech - Magic of the Dwarves is a mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim created by EnaiSiaion. It adds a whole array of new staves that can be crafted based on schematics. There are also bionic upgrades available.

Another version is available where the questline has been omitted. The schematics for the staves can be purchased in Markarth, from Calcelmo instead.


  • New Alteration, Destruction and Restoration staves
  • New questline, based on lore
  • New enemies
  • 3 new voiced NPCs
  • Configuration Menu
  • Arkenlight


Staves and bionicsEdit

Staves per schoolEdit

List of Alteration Staves
Staves Schematics
Staff of Percussive Maintenance Schematics: Percussive Maintenance
Staff of Detect Treasure Schematics: Detect Treasure
Staff of Galvanize Schematics: Galvanize
Sever the Link Schematics: Sever the Link
Staff of Shelter Schematics: Shelter
Staff of Aetheric Wall Schematics: Aetheric Wall
Staff of Inertial Slingshot Schematics: Inertial Slingshot
Staff of Phase Lock Schematics: Phase Lock
Staff of Portal Passage Schematics: Portal Passage
Staff of Dahrk's Disintegration Schematics: Dahrk's Disintegration
Staff of Dwarven Sphere Meld Schematics: Dwarven Sphere Meld
Staff of Rocket Jocket Schematics: Rocket Jocket
Staff of Subjugate Schematics: Subjugate
Staff of Dwarven Centurion Meld Schematics: Dwarven Centurion Meld
Staff of Nailed to the Sky Schematics: Nailed to the Sky
Staff of Portal Network Schematics: Portal Network
Staff of Remote Cast Mine Schematics: Remote Cast Mine
Staff of Vortex Schematics: Vortex
List of Destruction Staves
Staves Schematics
Staff of Primordial Blast Schematics: Primordial Blast
Staff of Bombing Run Schematics: Bombing Run
Staff ofFlak Burst Schematics: Flak Burst
Staff of Rain Mine Schematics: Rain Mine
Staff of Talon Shot Schematics: Talon Shot
Staff of Arc Bombs Schematics: Arc Bombs
Staff of Bloodstar Schmatics: Bloodstar
Staff of Compression Blast Schematics: Compression Blast
Staff of Laser Mine Schematics: Laser Mine
Staff of Auto Lob Schematics: Auto Lob
Staff of Beam Drones Schematics: Beam Drones
Staff of Blowout Mine Schematics: Blowout Mine
Staff of Bthan Anum Schematics: Bthan Anum
Staff of Cloudbreaker Schematics: Cloudbreaker
Staff of Energy Core Schematics: Energy Core
Staff of Purefire Blast Schematics: Purefire Blast
Staff of Radio Bomb Schematics: Radio Bomb
Staff of Machine Mind Schematics: Machine Mind
List of Restoration Staves
Staves Schematics
Staff of Scan Schematics: Scan
Staff of R-Field Schematics: R-Field
Staff of Healing Mine Schematics: Healing Mine
Staff of Machine Chant Schematics: Machine Chant
Staff of Redesign Schematics: Redesign
Staff of Genocide Schematics: Genocide

Bionics per schoolEdit

List of Alteration Bionics
Bionics: High Efficiency
Bionics: Yagr Duumz
Bionics: Itemsight
Bionics: Dwemer Research
Bionics: Technomancer
Bionics: Shock Absorbers
List of Destruction Bionics
Bionics: Auxiliary Power
Bionics: Minecrafting
Bionics: Emergency Power
Bionics: Tonal Dissonance
List of Restoration Bionics
Bionics: Interference
Bionics: Emergency Repair
Bionics: Master of Flesh
Bionics: Drawing Board





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