The East Tower Armory is a sublocation added by Castle Volkihar Redux. It serves as an armory and static target training area for both melee and archery practice. Many of the new NPC's added by this mod come here to practice with their weapons.


The armory is located in the upper spire of the East Tower. It can be accessed from the Physical Training Wing, the East Tower balcony (which has a fast travel marker when discovered) or by a winding stair case from the lower levels of the East Tower.


Although there are other small armories around the castle none come close to what this large room provides. It has over forty enchanted bows, axes, swords and maces hanging in weapon racks, weapon plaques and sitting on tables. Echanted armors of all kinds can be found in the east section of this room laying on tables and inside open chests.  

The room is divided by melee and ranged target areas. The east side of this armory has melee dummies lined up next to room partitians, while the west side has archery dummies spread out at various distances. There are four more archery dummies added to the top's of the parapets on either side of this room so one can practice long range shots. 

Many of the NPC's added by CVR will come and practice their swordplay and ranged weapon skills here. So one should be sure to check this room at different times of the day to see the show.

Weapon and armor schematics as well as hunting trophies are hung on the walls with various animal heads mounted on plaques. A door to the Physical Training Wing can be found by walking through the line of melee training dummies.


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