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Escaped Draugr Soul's are an enemy added by Castle Volkihar Redux. They serve no purpose other than something fun to fight.


The Escaped Draugr Soul is usually found near the portal to the vale inside the Master Throne Wing's catacombs. The portal to the vale is introduced during the quest Fortify Volkihar.


An Escaped Draugr Soul may sometimes be encountered inside the far reaches of the Volkihar catacombs known as the ancient buriel tombs. These tombs were sealed for thousands of years until the Dragonborn reopened them during the quest Releasing the Coven

Because necromancy has been practiced in this ancient part of the castle for millennia, some souls have accidentally been released and still haunt these passages. Although it is extremely rare, having been torn from their bodies and escaped from soul gems, these spirits are enranged and ferocious fighters. They are usually Spellswords and sometimes dual wield powerful frost magic spells. Because they have a random spawn timer and they are often obscured by hidden alcoves they can catch the unwary traveler completely by surprise.

The Dragonborn can release them from their suffering by striking them down.


The following loot is randomly dropped from this mob:

  • Gold (1-9)
  • Gems
  • Armor
  • Weapon
  • Ectoplasm (100% chance)

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