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Fire and Ice Overhaul
Dragon vs Riften
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Fire and Ice Overhaul is a mod made for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It makes fire and ice spells have a more realistic effect, with fire being able to spread and frost able to put out fires by using the frostbite spell on fires for a few seconds. Ice spells can also create icicles, which can be used to make paths across rivers, or even build igloos.

Apollodown, the author of FaIO, has made a bundle mod called Epic Gameplay Overhaul, which unites five of his overhaul mods. Fire and Ice Overhaul is one of these mods.


  • More realistic fire and ice effects
  • Ability to use ice for more than attack/defense
  • Ability to burn entire towns for effect
  • Dragon attacks become more dramatic

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