Gargoyle King's Weapons
Item Information

Gargoyle King's Subduer and Offhand are unique weapons added by Castle Volkihar Redux


Two chests contain one sword each inside the Gargoyle King's Lair. These chests can only be found during the quest It's Good to be King.


Although these swords are etheral, they are not learned from a spell tome like bound weapons. Once found by the Dragonborn they are kept in inventory. They are enchanted with shock, fire and frost at 25% intensity. They are not extremely over powered, but are still powerful and could be used to defeat the Gargoyle King and his guards.

Because they are etheral they do not possess any additional base weapon damage. That being said, any foe with resistance to all three schools of magic might be somewhat impervious to damage from these swords.


Both swords are identical except one is for the right hand and the other is for the left. They are both transparent by 50% and are red in color with a lick of blue flame flowing over them.


Although it is believed that Molag Bal created these swords in his realm of Coldharbour with the specific purpose of helping the Volkihar Clan subdue a very powerful daedric entity known as the Gargoyle King, it is unlikely.

Their origins are disputed because these etheral swords were crafted with an ancient magic specifically made for men to wield in battle against Daedra. Because of this fact, some believe they were actually crafted in Mundus by Et'Ada with ties to Lorkhan (the hero and patron of men who tricked the Et'Ada) or possibly even Vivec.


  • Since the swords are etheral, do not attempt to put them in a display or drop them as they will turn completely invisible. They can still be picked up again if you can find them

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