Castle Volkihar Redux adds a new dungeon to The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard, found on the north side of the Volkihar island. It is not recommended to enter this dungeon until the quest It's Good to be King directs the Dragonborn to go there.


Entry to this cavern is gained from Gargoyle Point. The castle's support structure protrudes into the caverns below. An ancient tower still provides access to a second level where a gate opens up into a small enclosure leading to the entry door for the Gargoyle King's Lair.

There is one chest with three high level items and gold inside the tower that connects the entry level floor and the upper level of this cave. A leveled sword is inside a sarcophagus lying horizontally.


  • One leveled vampire
  • Three bonemen
  • One boneman elite

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