Gargoyle Volkihar Guardian
Character Information
Technical Information
Form ID
xx4C2920 (Grey)
xx034C2914 (Red)
xx034C291B (Small)
Voice Actors
No Voice Actors given

The Gargoyle Volkihar Guardian is a sentry and follower in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim mod of Castle Volkihar Redux. All guards are follow ready companions and will initiate defense of the Dragonborn and respective property once a threat is detected.


External Patrols:

Internal Patrols:


Once controlled by Harkon, the gargoyle Volkihar guardians will serve the Dragonborn after defeating The Gargoyle King. Gargoyle Volkihar Guardians will automatically populate the island inside and out once the quest It's Good to be King has been completed.

Each gargoyle Volkihar guardian will come to life when the Dragonborn interacts with it; in their stationary statue state by pressing the "use" key. They are all equipped with the same spells available to the original Gargoyles added by The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard. They also have added bonus damage to their melee attacks.

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