Garrosh Hellscream Journal
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Garrosh Hellscream's Journal is a book added by Castle Volkihar Redux. It can be found on a shelf inside the Master Throne Wing. It is in a small room between the Meeting Room Study and the Master Sleeping Quarters.


This Journal belongs to Garrosh Hellscream.

If found do not read unless you wish to die a slow and painful death.

Entry I:
I accidentally crossed through some kind of portal called an "oblivion gate", it seems to be only one way for the moment, so I am waiting here and killing all the gnomes that come through.

Entry II
I killed fifteen more of those pathetic gnomes today making it a total of five hundred thirty on this month alone.

The gods only know how many more of tehm will keep coming. One of them blurted out something about Azeroth dying out and seeking refuge here in Skyrim just as I split him in two.

I swear my pledge that I will never stop slayign every last one of them. I don't know what all the mana potions they carry are for but they will make a nice decoration for my trophy room next to all their skulls!

Damn annoying gnomes.

Note to self, what does salutations mean anyway? I'll have to ask Thrall when I see him.

Entry III
According to the local Orcs, I ended up in a place called "Skyrim". This place is vast as my home yet lacks zeppelin's for traveling long distances.

Skyrim must be some kind of fourth dimension as people here have smooth depth and color as such that I've never seen. Almost as if my world was drawn and painted and this one is more... real.

Entry IV
The Orcs also mentioned someone named "Dohvakiin", and to watch out for him, Hah! I will crush him and take his skull!


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