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Hjorgunnar Manor is a location added by Falskaar

Background Edit

The manor was said to have been owned by Lady Hjorgunnar, a rich Dwemer noble. She was known for her many kids with her famous explorer husband before he disappeared. No one knew the real reason why he disappeared, but many speculate he got lost many years ago when the Dwemer civilization fell. Lady Hjorgunnar became mentally ill after his disappearance, and rumors spread that she had killed herself. Many years later (during the era of Skyrim), a lost explorer entered her house, seeking shelter from a great storm. While he was exploring the house, he found a hidden entrance behind a cupboard, and a locked cabinet that held the stench of rotting flesh. Suspicious and fearful, he slept far away from them. However, he could not get to sleep when he thought he heard the laughter of children. That is when he left.

Trivia Edit

It is said if the volume is turned up to the highest setting, and the Dragonborn idles in the manor at night, that the sound of laughter from playing children can be heard.

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