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Hunting in Skyrim is a mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It adds a brand new Hunting Guild to the game called The Hunters of Skyrim. It features quests, an all new animal skinning system, kill and statistics tracking, new (optional) perks, new skills, new characters and locations, challenges.


Hunting in Skyrim is about creating a Hunting Guild to take on contracts, hunts, and other types of quests and work from the people of Skyrim. Collecting pelts for a local blacksmith, ridding a tormented village of a nearby wolf den, and increasing Guild fame and status are just a few of the things that the Dragonborn can do.


Currently availableEdit

  • New guild with 2 halls
  • New NPCs
  • 2 new skills
  • 10 new perks (no-perk available)
  • Adjusted prices
  • New quests
    • 10 main quests
    • 7 side quests, of which 6 radiant and repeatable
  • New animal skinning system
  • Hunting statistics tracking system
  • 5 new animal dens
  • 3 new animal breeds
  • Trophy crafting and Guild upgrades

In progress/for future updatesEdit

  • Challenges
  • Draugr and Wisps to tracking system
  • New animal mounts
  • New main guild hall
  • Wandering hunters providing challenges
  • Shadow Tail storyline
  • More recruiting of random hunters in the wild
  • Whiterun guild armory
  • Animal food and trapping system
  • Hunter's Instinct ability

New PricesEdit

The below items have had their base value (in gold) increased.

Values Old New
Werewolf pelt 20 200
Snow bear pelt 75 150
Cave bear pelt 60 120
Bear pelt 50 100
Snow sabre cat pelt 40 80
Sabre cat pelt 25 50
Ice wolf pelt 15 30
Wolf pelt 10 20
Deer pelt 10 20
Snow fox pelt 7 14
Fox pelt 5 10
Horse hide 15


Cow hide 10 20
Deer hide 10 20
Goat hide 5 10
Miscellaneous items
Leather 10 25
Leather strips 3 6

New PerksEdit

These perks are present in the normal version of the mod. There is a No Perk Tree version available, so as not to conflict with other perk tree/skill changing mods, such as Perkus Maximus or Skyrim Redone.

Skill Level Perk Effect
Archery Skill Tree
Hunter's Strike 1 30 Bows do 10% more damage to animals
Hunter's Strike 2 40 Bows do 20% more damage to animals and creatures
Hunter's Strike 3 60 Bows do 30% more damage to animals and creatures
Hunter's Strike 4 70 Bows do 40% more damage to the undead
Hunter's Strike 5 90 Bows do 50% more damage to the Dragons
Vampire Hunter 80 Bows do 40% more damage to vampires
Hunter's Discipline 2 70 Increased chance to recover arrows from dead bodies
Light Armor Skill Tree
Hunter's Agility 1 40 Damage taken from animals reduced by 20%
Hunter's Agility 2 50 Damage taken from animals reduced by 30%
Hunter's Agility 3 70 Damage taken from animals and creatures reduced by 40%

Guild HallsEdit

Each Guild Hall features a chest, in which you can find potions and arrows of several types. The Guild Porter will restock it around every seven (in-game) days. The container is however not safe storage. If a Guild Porter isn't present, logically the chest will not be either.

Deerstalker LodgeEdit

Deerstalker Lodge is the main hall of the guild, and is currently still under construction.

Whiterun Guild OutpostEdit

The Whiterun Guild Outpost can be found in the basement of the Drunken Huntsman, near the city gate of Whiterun. As the first location the Huntersguild found, it remains one of the most significant locations. Elberond, a Bosmer is the local porter and overseas the outpost, including construction, passing on work, recruitement and the Jarl's favor.

Guild QuestsEdit

The following main quests are featured as of mod version 1.3.2 separated by stages.


Great White - One of the Legendary Creatures in this mod.

Guild BeginningsEdit

Gain Jarl ApprovalEdit

  • Hunting Guild Main Hall: visit the site of the new Main Guild Hall.
  • There's More Than One Way To Skin A...: learn how to properly skin an animal.
  • Gain Jarl Approval: gain approval to continue Guild construction from the Jarl of Whiterun's steward.
  • A Skeever Problem: exterminate the skeevers inside the Hall of the Dead, in Whiterun.
  • A Deer Old Feast: kill eight deer and deliver eight venison to the steward of Whiterun.
  • The First of Many... (radiant): complete the first official Guild contract. Collect a number of pelts for a blacksmith in Whiterun. Amount of pelts, type of pelt to collect, and blacksmith are chosen at random.


Contracts are quests for collecting pelts for blacksmiths/traders and killing nuisance or dangerous animals. These are mostly radiant and repeatable. The more in-depth, difficult, or high profile a contract is, will determine its category. Contracts come in the following categories:

  • Common. Small and simple quests.
  • Standard. More advanced quests, usually requiring more pelts, the killing of harder creatures etc.
  • Advanced. As above, but involving harder/more objectives.
  • Export. Collecting skins to ship to places outside the province of Skyrim.
  • Prestigous. Usually quests to complete for Jarls or highborn citizens.

Guild Upgrades​Edit

These involve the Dragonborn either purchasing or crafting upgrades for the Guild Halls and outposts. Upgrades include crafting standing animal trophies or mounted animal heads, and purchasing upgrades like dining areas for example.

Side QuestsEdit

Whiterun Hunting Guild Outpost (Miscellaneous quests)

  • Common Contract 1 (radiant): collect a random number of pelts for a blacksmith in Whiterun.
  • Common Contract 2 (radiant): collect a random number of pelts for a blacksmith in Falkreath.
  • Common Contract 4 (radiant): collect a random number of pelts for a blacksmith in Dawnstar. Requires the Carcass System to be enabled.
  • Common Contract 5 (radiant): collect a random number of pelts for a blacksmith in either Shor's Stone or Whiterun.
  • Hides Amongst Thieves: collect ten elk hides for the Thieves Guild. Requires the Dragonborn to have completed at least two jobs for the Thieves Guild. Quest not repeatable.

Skinning and carcass systemEdit

Skinning an animalEdit

Hunting in Skyrim adds a new way to obtain animal skins and parts once the skinning tutorial quest has been completed. The new Carcass System adds an animal Carcass to each animal killed. This Carcass can then be skinned at either a Skinning Table or with a Portable Skinning Kit, yielding the skin, meat and anything else the animal would usually have in its inventory when killed. The skinning system can be turned on and off by casting the Enable/Disable Hunter's Skinning power, so is completely optional.

Skinning Tables can be found at the following locations:

  • Whiterun Hunting Guild Outpost
  • Hunting Guild Main Hall (outside in the Skinning Shed)
  • Hunter's Rest

Improving pelts/hidesEdit

With a high enough Skinning Skill, it will be possible to improve the skins obtained from skinning an animal at a Skinning Rack. Improved skins come in three grades; Good, Fine, Flawless. Each grade makes the skin more valuable. Improved skins cannot be used for crafting normal weapons and armor, but can be sold for a higher than normal price, and used to craft special Hunting Guild equipment. Skinning racks can be found at the following locations:

  • Whiterun Hunting Guild Outpost
  • Hunting Guild Main Hall (outside in the Skinning Shed)

Log BookEdit

Once the Guild quest The Great White is complete, Elberond will give the Dragonborn their own Hunting Guild Log Book. Certain statistics are kept track of in this book. The following statistics are tracked as of mod version 1.3:

  • Hunting kills (total and individual animal breakdown)
  • Hunting skill level
  • Huntsman feats (special actions such as sneak kills)
  • Skinning stats (total and individual animals skinned, skins improved, trophies crafted)
  • Skinning skill
  • Hunting abilities
  • Guild contracts completed
  • Guild locations available
  • Guild members recruited

Hunting kills are only tracked from when the Log Book is received.

New SkillsEdit

Two new skills have been introduced in this mod, tracked in the Log Book.

Hunting SkillEdit

The Hunting skill increases as animals are hunted and killed. A skill modifier called Huntsman Feats, which are points earned for killing higher level animals with daggers, and killing animals undetected, is tracked in the Log Book and goes towards the overall Hunting skill. The Skinning skill detailed below also has a small influence on their Hunting skill.

As the Hunting skill increases, unique abilities will be unlocked.

Skinning SkillEdit

The Skinning skill can be improved by skinning animal carcasses. Skinning skill also has a small influence on the Hunting skill. As the Skinning skill increases, the animal skins obtained from carcasses at a Skinning Rack will be able to be improved. Pelts and hides now come in four grades; improving the grade will increase the skins value.

As the Skinning skill increases, unique abilities will be unlocked.

New charactersEdit