In Their Footsteps
Caravan Attack
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Reach Level 30
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In Their Footsteps is a quest for Undeath. It serves as the introduction to the main quest.

Background Edit

"I have heard a rumor that a Vigil of Stendarr caravan has been attacked on the road somewhere in the Reach. I should investigate."
―the Dragonborn's Journal

Objectives Edit

  1. Search for the Vigil of Stendarr caravan
  2. Investigate the scene of the attack
  3. Read the Ambush Orders
  4. Travel to Ravenscorn Spire
  5. Search Ravenscorn Spire for more information
  6. Search the Tower basement

Walkthrough Edit

Once the Dragonborn has reached Level 30, he will be directed to find a caravan that has been attacked somewhere in the Reach.

The caravan can be found just before the path to Lost Valley Redoubt. Once there, the Dragonborn will find various Vigilants who have been killed by a Necromancer. Slumped against the carriage is Vigilant Nikolas, who has a note describing where he came from and what he was carrying. The task requires the searching of the dead Necromancer, who has Ambush Orders. The quest will update and direct the Dragonborn to Ravenscorn Spire, a tower within the Eastmarch hold.

Once arriving there by foot or fast travel, there will be several level-dependent Necromancers, who will attack on sight. Kill them and climb the steps and enter the tower. Once entered, follow the steps up on the left and kill the various enemies scattered through the levels. At the top, there is a door onto a balcony which allows fast travel and a journal which explains why the caravan was attacked. A key is also lying on the table, as is a book that will prove useful to the Dragonborn later.

Head back down the stairs and across from the entrance door, there is another door leading into the basement. The door at the bottom is level-dependent: if the Dragonborn has no lockpicks, the key will unlock the door, or if the Dragonborn so chooses, he may attempt to lockpick it. Inside, there is another journal, which ends the introductory quest.