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Infernal Alchemy is a quest in Undeath. It is one of three quests given after completing In Their Footsteps and requires the Dragonborn to locate a Ritual Site.

Background Edit

"The Necromancer's leader, Antioch, is seeking to use a Tome stolen from the Vigil of Stendarr to become an undead Lich. He has already departed for the Dragontail Mountains in search of something, but has sent one of his followers to conduct some sort of Alchemical Ritual on a plateau overlooking the Reach. I should investigate this."
―the Dragonborn's Journal

Objectives Edit

  1. Locate the Ritual Site
  2. Defeat the Necromancers
  3. Destroy the Cauldron OR
  4. Complete the Concoction

Walkthrough Edit

This quest begins immediately after reading Antioch's Journal, Volume 2 in Ravenscorn Spire.

The Ritual Site can be found on the plateau North of the Sundered Towers. On arrival at the ritual site, the leveled Necromancers will attack on sight, along with Selonius the Apothecary who leads the group. Kill them and loot the nearby Alchemist's Chest. There is also an Alchemist's Note next to some Empty Vials, with instructions on how to make one of the potions.

The Dragonborn can choose to either knock the cauldron over or they can loot the chest and make one of the concoctions. If the latter option is picked, there are only 5 ingredients with 3 of them to make Embalming Essence while the other 2 (along with a Deathbell that was either bought, harvested or used console commands to get) are used to create Namira's Corrosion.

Regardless of the decision that is made, the quest will be completed upon the destruction of the cauldron, the creation of the Embalming Essence or the creation of Namira's Corrosion.