It's Good to be King
Quest Information
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Starts by Sitting in the throne of the Master Throne Wing
Quest ID
Castle Volkihar
Quest Navigation
Kindred Judgement

It's Good to be King is a quest added by Castle Volkihar Redux mod. It becomes available when the Dragonborn has completed the Dawnguard quest Kindred Judgement.


When the Dragonborn has completed Kindred Judgement and has exited the Volkihar Keep / Guild Hall the quest It's Good to be King will be initiated.


After sitting in his rightful throne gargoyles attack the Dragonborn. Once the gargoyle enemies are dispatched a quest marker will point to the quest giver named Theoden who will explain everything and move the Dragonborn to the next phase of this quest.

Theoden is found in Valerica's Tower in the Volkihar Tavern sitting in a chair. The Dragonborn must then take a small ferry boat from the Volkihar Docks to Gargoyle Point. Once there one must then go through a very large stone door adorned with carvings of gargoyles.

After making one's way through the Gargoyle Lair Entrance, another door is found on the upper level of this dungeon that goes to the Gargoyle King's Lair. After dispatching some enemies, looting some chests and solving a few short puzzles the Dragonborn must defeat the Gargoyle King. Placing a key back where it was found completes the quest. Completing the quest opens a new area of this dungeon allowing access to a secret brick wall door. Completing this quest also spawns a broom that clears all cobwebs and debris from this dungeon. The broom is found in the lower kitchens of this level inside a closet with a wooden door.

  • It is recommended that the Dragonborn takes the key back into inventory after completing this final stage of the quest because it is needed to open a secret brick wall door to the Volkihar Undercroft.



Gargoyles will attack the Dragonborn when he claims his throne because Harkon no longer controls them through the pact with the Gargoyle King. The pact requires trial by combat. Every new owner of Castle Volkihar must subdue the Gargoyle King to command the gargoyle army.

The gargoyle army was already habitating cave systems on Volkihar island prior to the castle being built millions of years ago. The pact was created when Castle Volkihar was built. The original builders of Castle Volkihar worshipped Molag Bal and leveraged his gift known as the The Gargoyle Kings Weapons to control them.

Quest StagesEdit

Console name: CleanerGargoyleKing

 Starts after completing Kindred Judgement and exiting the Guild Gall
5 What is a king without his army? Ponder this on your new throne.
10 Gargoyles attacked in force! Talk to Theoden and see if he can shed some light on this.
20 Use the small rowboat at the shipyard and enter the lair of the "Gargoyle King" hidden deep beneath Castle Volkihar.
30 Find the key to the King of Gargoyles lair.
40 The Gargoyle army now stands between you and your final goal. Destroy the Stone Guardians.
45 One down and one to go. Destroy the final Stone Guardian.
50 You've triumphed over the Stone Guardians! Now you are well equipped to take on the final fight.
60 Now it is time! Conquer "The King of Gargoyles" and claim his army for your own!
65 The final prize is yours. You are now King of the Gargoyles. Get the key you used on the Gargoyle King's portcullis door that is still inside the viscous material 
70 Put the key back into the viscous material where you originally found it. This will open a secret passage to the undercroft.
80 Go to the Volkihar Undercroft using the secret passage.
90 You are now in command of the Gargoyle Army. Gargoyles will now be under your command throughout Castle Volkihar. 


  • If the Dragonborn has already completed Kindred Judgement prior to installing Castle Volkihar Redux and the last save was inside the castle it will be necessary to enter and exit the Guild Hall to initiate this quest.
  • Gargoyle enemies that attack when sitting on the throne during this quest will unfortunately re-spawn every couple of weeks. More on why here on the FAQ . There is no fix for this until there is a new release.

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