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JaySUS Swords is a large weapon modpack that adds many custom, detailed weapons to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that use a variety of resources and smithing perks to create.



One-Handed SwordsEdit

  • Akavirii Saber: requires ebony or advanced smithing perk
  • Akavirii Sword
  • Albensword
  • Ancient Sword
  • Ancient Norse Sword
  • Azurbrand
  • Baskethiltsword
  • Bastardsword
  • Boarding Knife
  • Crusader Sword
  • Dovah Luv
  • Dragonbone Sword: requires dragonbone smithing perk
  • Dragonsting Sword
  • Fine Crusader Sword
  • Fine Iron Sword
  • Fine Norse Sword
  • Gilded Crusader Sword
  • Gilded Norse Sword
  • Gungnir
  • Huntingsword (bronze): sword skills with dagger animations, speed and damage
  • Huntingsword (steel): sword skills with dagger animations, speed and damage
  • Jade Blade
  • Khajiit Saber
  • Knight's Sword
  • Legendary Corundum Blade
  • Legionaire's Sword
  • Long Huntingsword (bronze)
  • Long Huntingsword (steel)
  • Magnificent Sword
  • Nordic Blade
  • Scimitar
  • Shiavonna
  • Smallword

Two-Handed SwordsEdit

  • Akavirii Battlesaber: requires ebony or advanced smithing perk
  • Argonian Battleblade
  • Dragonbone Greatsword: requires dragonbone smithing perk
  • Dragonbrand
  • Fine Bastardsword
  • Heavy Crusader Sword
  • Knight's Greatsword

War and Battle AxesEdit

  • Crude Axe
  • Dragonbone Waraxe: requires dragonbone smithing perk
  • Dragonbone Battleaxe: requires dragonbone smithing perk
  • Fine Norse Axe
  • Great Norse Axe
  • Nordic Axe
  • Woodsman's Axe


  • JaySUS Swords is one of the most critically acclaimed mods to ever hit the Nexus modding Community.

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