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Jedi of Skyrim: KotOR system is a mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim by OwlBurgers, Kryptonian, and Naitsirhc. It adds the ability to  use the Force and adds lightsabers into the game. It is found on the Steam Workshop.

Official DescriptionEdit

Another Jedi Mod? Hardly! I've seen the other mods and, while interesting, they just don't have the flair that my mod does. I enjoyed playing "Knights of the Old Repulic 1 and 2" so much that I tried very hard to integrate those ideas into this skyrim mod. Granted, there's little new in this mod as far as magicka sabers and spells go but I'm proud of the way I've introduced these into the game. I really try to make the Dragonborn into a Force wielder without making the game too Star Wars immersive.

All Jedi and Sith skills are granted through perk points in the skill trees instead of just being handed to you through books or lying around the game. This mod makes MAJOR changes to the Destruction tree and if you just HAVE to have your fire balls or ice bolts then this mod isn't going to be for you.

I give to you "Jedi of Skyrim: KotOR Edition"!

Skill Tree ChangesEdit

(One class may be chosen per tree. Jedi and Sith classes may be mixed and matched.)

  • Destruction tree has been changed to Dark Side. Fire and Ice branches have been removed and one has been replaced with Drain Life branch.
    • Sith Classes (by passive abilities, no spells listed here)
    • Assassin - a stealth related class that grants quiet sneak attack one hand sabers. 
    • Sorcerer - a magic related class.
  • Alteration tree has been changed to Light Side.
    • Jedi Classes (by passive abilities, no spells listed here)
    • Guardian - a combat related class that grants stamina regen and 25% increased Saber weapon damage.
    • Sentinal - a stealth related class that grants quiet sneak attack sabers.
    • Consular - a magic related class that grants improved "intimidate" and "persuade" dialogue chances.

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