Journal of Brunar Volkihar
Brunar Volkihar
Found In

Journal of Brunar Volkihar is a book added by Castle Volkihar Redux. It is also a quest item.


It is found in the Volkihar Catacombs of the Master Throne Wing on Brunar's corpse.


Journal of Brunar Volkihar

Entry I:
My own blood, Harkon and his army of undead have taken over Castle Volkihar. There is nothing we could do as they kept us trapped with no way to get thralls for over ten years.

They now lay siege to the castle, many have perished so what remains of our coven have retreated to the catacombs of our ancestors. 

Entry II:
Harkon and his army have sealed my coven inside the catacombs with some kind of magic barrier. Louis was able to escape and made his pledge to some day free us if he can.

With no thralls to feed on and no way out of this tomb we will have to try to hibernate in our coffins. Molag only knows how long we will have to wait and who will make it through the long sleep with no blood to keep us undead.

From what I've seen in my lifetime as a vampire, going hungry means going insane, and much worse, becoming a mindless zombie. I had only read of one coven in a similar situation where they were able to sleep for five hundred years. Only two of the twenty that hibernated lived to tell the tale.

We are all starving and the first signs of madness have begun to show in some of my coven members. Unless Louis can raise an army to combat that of Harkon I fear we are lost forever.

Entry III:
We are all settling in for our long sleep. Should you find this journal after Harkon's demise, be sure to wake each one of my coven. They are the best vampire coven I have ever known and will serve you well for their rescue. They will begin their work on the castle and daily routines immediately upon awakening.

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