Just the Bare Necessities of Life
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Castle Volkihar
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Just the Bare Necessities of Life is a quest added by Castle Volkihar Redux. The purpose of this quest is to make the Dragonborn aware of a fledgling vampire starter home available in Windhelm known as the Abandoned House.


This quest is automatically initiated when the Dragonborn enters the external or internal cells of Windhelm.


This quest is not available until the Dragonborn opens up the housing area of Windhelm through the Skyrim quest Blood on the Ice. After that, one must exit and enter Windhelm to initiate this CVR quest. This home comes with a coffin, a Blood Bucket and a chest for safe storage.

If one becomes a vampire at the early stages of playing Skyrim it can be extremely challenging to stay alive. That is why this house was added by CVR.


The abandoned house sits untouched because it is famed as haunted by the locals. An entire family was murdered in the house decades ago and ghosts were rumored to have been seen in the windows. In this case there are no ghosts. What people actually caught glimpses of were feral vampires making themselves at home in this location.

Due to other recent murders by the butcher (this is referencing the murders of the Skyrim quest Blood on the Ice) a guard was sent to investigate and see if the killer might be hold up in the abandoned house. The guard was never heard from again. The guards bloodless husk of a corpse can be found near a storage chest inside the abandoned house.


The name of this quest is an ironically humorous cookie based on the Disney song The Bare Necessities.

Quest StagesEdit

Console name: CleanerAbandonedHouse
0 An abandoned house, let's go inside.
10 A free hideout for two. Nice.