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Lockpick Pro Mod is a mod made for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that adds a bar at the top of the screen while picking a lock which shows the Dragonborn the 'sweet spot' of the lock. It also shows the health of the current lockpick.


  • Download and extract the archive
  • Copy lockpickingmenu.swf and lockpickingmenu_settings.txt into the Skyrim installation folder/Data/Interface


You can edit the lockpickingmenu_settings.txt to remove one or both of the Lockpick Pro features. In the file, you'll see the next lines:

  • &showSweetSpotBar=1&
  • &showLockpickHealth=1&

Change "1&" to "0&" to remove that feature. This is desirable to users who only want to see the health of their lockpick.

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