The Master Sleeping Quarter is a sublocation of the Master Throne Wing added by Castle Volkihar Redux.


The Master's Sleeping Quarters are a vampires ultimate luxury. The ceilings are draped with blood red curtains as are the floors with carpeting of the same color.

When entering the room the first thing the Dragonborn will see is the master's coffin standing vertically on a raised platform with a gigantic dragon bone head mounted to a plaque above it. Two companion ready coffin's stand vertically on either side of the master coffin. Either of these are meant for the Dragonborn's spouse. Two more companion ready coffin's are standing vertically against the wall on either side of the small entrance door.

Closets hide two secret room's on either side of this sleeping quarter. By using the middle closet cabinet on either side, a false back will be revealed to step into their respective hidden rooms.


The new sleeping quarters are located in the south side of the Master Throne Wing. When entering the small door to this wing from the Volkihar Docks, turn right at the top of the stairs and it is then straight ahead through another small door.


  • Draugr Castle Guards seated next to each chest, awaiting command. Like all guards they will awaken if they are commanded or if any threat is detected
  • Six undead non-interactable mannequins lining either side of the main room that display every known vampire lord's outfit
  • The secret room on the left side of this room is a dressing area. Each closet in this room contains every vampire royal armor outfit. Some of the outfits are enchanted and some are not. There are two wooden throne chairs against the wall on either side of this dressing room as well as dresser's
  • The secret room on the right side of this room is a hidden master bedroom. Either the Dragonborn or an NPC can use this bed to sleep
  • A journal from Jonathan Harker can be found sticking out from just under one of the dressers. This is a cookie from Dracula


  • Two chests sit close to the two follower coffin's on either side of the master's coffin
  • Four dressers are in the dressing room and two in the hidden bedroom
  • Two closets are inside the hidden dressing room and four more are in the main hall of this chamber


  • Mannequins in this room move around as if alive. This is not a bug it is intentional. It is a cookie from Interview with a Vampire ("with my new vampire eyes statues seemed to move")

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