Castle Volkihar Redux adds a meeting room and study to the Master Throne WIng. The purpose of this area is for leaders to meet and make big decisions about the future of the Volkihar clan, It is also a good place to read.


The Meeting Room and Study is located in the Master Throne Wing. It is the main foyer to this wing of the castle. It can be entered from two external points. Through large double doors from Valerica's Study's external bridge or from the East Tower corridors.

Two blue fire sconces mark the external doors to this wing. Garrosh Hellscream's journal can be found nearby.


File:CVR MasterThroneWing Conference2.jpg
A meeting room and study is added for the Dragonborn to meet with representatives and leaders to make big decisions about the future of the Volkihar clan, it's business and it's problems.

This foyer has a large stone oval shaped table with green throne like chairs spread around it. A brilliant blue fire influenced by the magic of the soul cairn is found at the center of this table. 

Additionally it has four book cases named for the Dragonborn. It is yet another small library added to the castle. A large statue of Talos is set against the south wall due to his relation to the Dragonborn and his legendary ability to rule.

Two gargoyle's and two draugr's guard this room. Two small balconies sit at perfect vantage points to watch any proceedings going on in the room. One of the balconies connects directly to the Master Throne area after opening a small portcullis door and another small wooden door. The other is next to the teleport pad through a small wooden door.

Louis de Pointe du Lac, Valerica, Morta, Lerraine, Slick, Irarak, Paradux (Priest of Molag Bal) and Lerraine (bard) will come and sit at the table between 6pm and 9pm Morndas (Monday), Middas (Wednesday) and Fredas (Friday).


  • Four book cases line the west wall

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