Minions of Molag Bal
Technical Information
Form ID
xx007EB3 (Minion 1)
xx007ECC (Minion 2)
xx03007EBF (Paradux)
xx03007EB8 (Worshipper 4)
xx03007ECD (Worshipper 5)
Voice Actors
No Voice Actors given

The Minions of Molag Bal (including Worshippers and Priests) are NPCs added by the mod Castle Volkihar Redux. All of these NPC's are follow ready companions and are potential marriage partners.


The minions have already passed the right of ascension into the plane of ColdharbourMolag Bal's domain. Once there, they were sent back to Tamriel (or in this case rather Skyrim) to bring more initiates into the fold as well as to carry out the will of Molag Bal. 

Worshippers of Molag Bal are merely humans who have proven themselves worthy of being desciples. They will not cross over into the plain of Molag Bal until death.

High Priest of Molag Bal (named Paradux after a mod author who assisted in the creation of the Robes of Molag Bal). High Priest of Molag Bal is the final stage before ascending into Coldharbour. It holds a very significant set of powers to support minions.


The Minions of  Molag Bal can be found in the upper levels of Valerica's Tower in the Temple of Molag Bal. They will also appear in the Master Throne Wing once the Dragonborn has started the quest It's Good to be King.


The Minions are elite necromancers who come equipped with blades that resemble Mehrunes Razor. The blades are heavily enchanted with fire, shock and ice damage. They will take down just about any foe in a few swipes. These blades cannot be pick pocketed and are unuseable by the Dragonborn.

The minions also carry special bows crafted in Coldharbour. They are enchanted with fire, shock and ice damage. They use the same model as the Nightingale Bows. They are equipped with daedric arrows. Like the blades these bows cannot be pick pocketed or used by the Dragonborn.

Each minion carries two books: the Book of Molag Bal Worship and The Thirty-Six Lessons of Vivec, Sermon Fourteen. They are servants of the true king of Skyrim from this point further and will come to bow at the Dragonborn's feet on entry to the Master Throne Wing.

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