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Nearly Headless Nick is an NPC added by Castle Volkihar Redux. He functions as a tour guide and an additional sentry.


Nearly Headless Nick's bones are located in Valerica's Tower on the eigth tier in a small embalming room just below the torture chamber and two flights of stairs above the Temple of Molag Bal. This room is not easy to find unless you are really looking for it.


Nearly Headless Nick was a Dawnguard soldier who was taken prisoner, tortured and then embalmed in a necormancer's ritual that was seemingly interrupted and never completed many decades ago. Nick's remains can be found on an embaling table with his skull on a golden display. When the skull is used it will complete the final step of the ritual, adding the skull to the body and awakening him.

When awakened from his ghostly slumber he will begin to go on a very large patrol path taking anyone who follows him on a tour of the castle and Volkihar island. The tour goes to all of the mod authors favorite places as well as revealing some of the secret areas.

Because Nick is awakened by the Dragonborn he is friendly and will attack any detected threats he encounters, even other Dawnguard enemies. Essentially making him one more guard added to the castle.

Although he uses no magic at all, Nick is an amazingly skilled melee fighter. He will vanquish any foe he comes across in Skyrim with ease. If one can bring enemies to him it is quite a show as he bellows threats in his booming ghostly voice while dispatching them in a few powerful strikes.

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