Necromancer's Note
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Necromancer's Note is a note added by Undeath.

Acquisition Edit

The note is found on a levelled Necromancer within Scourg Barrow, who can be found standing in front of a Blood Bowl.

Contents Edit

This brazier's mystery continues to elude me. Judging from the inscription on the dias, I am almost certain that this connected to the sealed gate here. There is a passageway beyond it that looks to have been undisturbed for centuries. It seems Antioch may have been correct, and the ritual's secrets lie beyond...

The brazier continues to resist all spells and evocations cast at it. The dias holds the key; "When the hated enemy's faithful lie scattered and broken at this altar.."

Could it require an offering? A sacrifice?

I must be the one to solve this riddle. When the secrets lie in my control, I will have no need of the others...

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